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Indian Registry / Membership


Administer and maintain the Indian Registry of the St. Theresa Point First Nation. Establish an effecient reporting system on the Indian Register, verifying information on register which events are reported. Events include births, marriages, transfers, divorces, adoptions, amendments, etc. 


Indian Registry also processes Indian Status Cards for band members and other members of other First Nation and assisting band members to apply for identification documents. 


Registering a child for as soon as they are born is extremely important. In order for the child to be covered in medical the child needs to have his/her own registration (treaty) number. Once the child turns 1 year of age and he/she doesn't have their own treaty number yet and if the child gets sick & medivaced out to the city, both patient & escort won't be covered through medical. They will be both on their own to cover accommodations and prescriptions. 

Membership worker: Esther Mason

Contact Number:

204-462-2106 ext 232

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