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Income Assistance


Important: Every mid-month (around the 14th-15th) you sign up for welfare to keep your file current and up to date. Failure to do so will get your file 'pulled' to be reviewed or closed. This is in accordance with the AANDC compliance dept that "all documents should be signed and kept up to date." 

*** If you know that you will be in Winnipeg for a medical appointment during that time you may come sign before you leave. 

Income earners must bring their (2) stubs every month to determine whether you qualify for supplement. 


To apply for assistance, you should have your Social Insurance Number ready as well as your MHSC (6 digit) and PHIN (9 digit). These are found on your purple MB Health Card. You should also bring your MB Hydro account number (or the account number of the place which you reside) and last 2 stubs (if necessary).


*** New clients (turning 18) MUST have their SIN # to apply. We cannot accept any new clients without their SIN #.

Special Needs:

Special Needs are often confused with a medical term, that is not the same in Income Assistance. In our program, Special Needs are defined as needs that are not covered under Basic Needs (food & clothing). These are mostly furniture and appliances. Names are taken throughout the year and selections are made just before the items are received by winter road. We think it is best and fair to pick different people every year. Example: You might not get items every year. There are a lot of welfare clients that should utilize these funds, not the same people every year. 

Food Mail: 

Is done once a month on certain dates, usually the week after welfare, and is done through Harris Meats (1-800-554-9840) in Winnipeg or by P.O. from St. Theresa Point Northern Store. 

You must sign your form so that we have your consent to deduct that amount from the following month. 

Program Contact Personnel

Income Assistance Interim Administrator- Rosie Flett

Income Assistance Clerk-

In-Home Care Coordinator- Laura Jane Wood

Files Clerk- Allison Flett

Youth Worker- John Mark Wood

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