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                               Chief and Council  2023-2027

Welcome to our Chief and Council page. Here you will get to know each of the members and some of the work they've been striving for within our community. 

**Call 204.462.2535 if you wish to speak to any of the council**

Chief :  Raymond Flett

  • Governance and Intergovernmental Relations

  • Treaty Relations with the Crown

  • Mandate, Directives, Regulations, Laws

  • Ancestral Governance Model Implementation

Councillor:  Shauna L. Harper

  • Social Supports and Interventions

  • Community Comprehensive Initiatives

Councillor:  Peter Mason

  • Education (Lifetime Education as Inherent and Treaty Right)

Councillor:  Marie A. Wood

  • Community Wellness and Prevention

  • Economic Comprehensive Development, Trade, and Investments

Councillor:  Clarence Mason

  • Fiscal Relations

Head Councillor :  Vernon J. Wood

  • Management and Administrative Areas

  • Lands Management and Resource Development

Councillor:  Bradley Monias

  • Public Safety

  • Tribal Justice System

Councillor:  Victor Walker

  • Housing and Shelter

  • Infrastructure and Technology

Councillor:  Vernon Monias

  • Health and Holistic Wellness (Medicine Chest)

  • Heritage and Cultural Engagement

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