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Community Well Being and Jurisdiction Initiative Program

CWHI Director/Coordinator

Jack Flett-

The community Well Being and Jurisdiction Initiative (CWJI) program is newly created program in which is overall goal is to promote community well being by creating partnerships with local resources to enhance the health

CWJI Wellness Worker

Corraine Harper

Ivan Flett

Randall Taylor

Gaye Monias

Working closely with the CWJI Director and with other community stakeholder in the planning, coordination, and implementation the work activities as set out in the CWJI work plan. Other stakeholders may include RCMP and First Nation Safety Officers, Child Family Services, School staff. Jordon's Principle, Community members, Chief and Council, and other St. Theresa Point Department heads.

CWJI Secretary/Receptionist

Vera McDougall

The secretary performs a variety of administrative duties in support of the Community Wellness Director. She is directly accountable to the Community Wellness Director

Community Safety Plan Coordinator

Edward R. Flett

Under the direction of the program director, the community safety plan coordinator will be responsible for over seeing the work set out in St. Theresa Point First Nation Community Plan (CSP)

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