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Health Authority


Mission Statement

St. Theresa Point Health Authority recognizes that the people of St. Theresa Point are the community's most valuable resource and is committed to providing the services needed for community members to achieve optimal levels of health. Services offered preserve and promote self-determination, self-worth and self-reliance. Our approach is holistic, and incluides the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural aspects of life. We are committed to providing the highest possible standards of care and facilitating the changes required to improve the overall health of the community. 

Philosophy Statement

  • Services reflect the needs of St Theresa Point First Nation residents

  • Services are caring, equitable, holistic, client-centered, respectful, ethical, confidental, effective and efficient

  • Services reflect population health principles

  • Services are continuously improving and changing 

  • Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for healthy living

  • Family/friend and self-care supports quality of life

  • Clients participate in all aspects of care

  • Clients have a right to free choice and self-determination

  • Traditional healing approaches are respected


Goals and Objectives

  • To ensure the St. Theresa Point health care system reflects the ongoing and changing needs of community members.

  • To enhance the quality of life in St. Theresa Point by improved individual, family and community health.

  • To ensure that there is equal attention given to community needs in all areas of the Medicine Wheel; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

  • To provide the membership with a health system that is built on a solid foundation of tradition, culture, philosophy and vision based on the wisdom of our elders and ancestors.

  • To ensure that madatory programs such as Communicable Disease Control, Environmental and Occupational issues, Treatment Services, Home and Community Care, Public Health and the Emergency Response Plan are followed per national health standards or better.


Health Infrastructure Support


Health Planning and Quality Management:

  • Health Director

  • Office Manager

  • Secretary/ Receptionist

  • Health Authority Finance Director

  • Elders


Health Facilities

  • Head Security

  • Part-time Security


Primary Care


Home and Community Care:

  • Home and Community Care Coordinator

  • Home and Community Care Nurse

  • Health Care Aides

  • Home and Community Care Activity Aide/Cook

  • Home and Community Care Support Worker


Water Quality Monitor: 

  • Water Quality Technician


Mental Wellness:

  • Holistic Health Services Coordinator

  • Community Wellness Worker

  • Community Prevention Worker

  • Intake Worker

  • Mental Health Worker

  • Solvent Abuse Worker

  • NADAP Counselor

  • Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program


Health Child Development:

  • Canada Prenatal Nutrition Worker

  • Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Early Childhood Coordinator

  • Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Worker

  • Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve Nutritionist/ Cook

  • Aboriginal Head start On Reserve Janitor/Driver

Healthy Living:

  • Community Health Representatives

  • Aboriginal Diabetes Worker


Supplemental Health Benefits:

  • Medical Transportation Coordinator

  • Medical Transportation Driver

  • Medical Transportation Relief Driver








Click here to view the Health Authority Program Director's contact information.


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