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Administration Staff


Stewart Mcdougall                Executive Director

Philip Wood                   Assistant Executive Director

Naomi Wood        Chief and Council Executive Secretary


Mary Ann Evans       Chief and Council Support Clerk


Audrey Monias        Administration Secretary

Accountable to the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director. Responsible for all secretarial duties for Directors and the Administration.

---------------                       Chief and Council Political Advisory

  • Provides advice to Chief and Council on issues relating to government of St. Theresa Point First Nation

  • Arranges Chief and Council itineraries

  • Assists in drafting documents and position papers


-------------------                        Political Analyst

The St. Theresa Point First Nation Policy Analyst/Researcher is responsible for conducting research and providing recommendations for policy implementation and management as well as day-to-day liaison with the Executive Team members.

He is responsible for day-to-day correspondences, information sharing and filing ensuring that appropriate follow-up actions are taken as related to Chief and Council directives. 

Assists in preparation of minutes and the preparing agenda packages for all of the St Theresa Point First Nation Chief and Council Meetings. 

He performs other duties as determined by the Chief and Council and/or the Executive Director


-----------------------               Information Technology Technician

The IT Technician is accountable to the Assistant Executive Director and Executive Director of St. Theresa Point First Nation Administration. The IT Technician works with all programs under the First Nation, installing and maintaining computer hardware, software and networks.


-----------------------                          Head Receptionist

The Head Receptionist is accountable to the Administration Secretary.


-----------------------                 Receptionist

The receptionist works under the supervision of the Head Receptionist.


Lennie Wood                    Finance Director


Marilyn Wood                  Jr. Accountant


Council of Elders

  • Emile Harper

  • Alex Flett

  • Annie Marie Flett

  • Annie Monias

  • Moses Wood

  • Billy Joe Wood

  • Marcel Monias

  • Elie Monias

  • Billy William Flett

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