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St. Theresa Point First Nation History


Prior to Treaty making in Island Lake, the people lived a nomadic way of life in their search for food and fur bearing animals for clothing. People started settling in Island Lake as a place to summer camp and to have gatherings. The People came together for the summer for North-west Ontario, God's Lake, Oxford House and beyond and people also came some the south area of Manitoba. 


Treaty 5 adhesion was signed August 13, 1909 with the people that were there at that time. The elders say that Treaty people that came said that they would come back to finish the Treaty with Island Lake. They never came back since to finish the Treaty making between the Crown and the Island Lake people. 


People started to move away from the main settlement at the "Old Post" when different religions were introduced in Island Lake. This was in the late 1920's and early 1930's. 


In 1969 four separate communities were established to have four separate adminstrations. This was to alleviate the work load for one Chief. All common interests were left intact for the whole of Island Lake such as land, history and language. 


From less than 1000 people in 1969, St. Theresa Point has grown into a bustling community of more than 4000 people. St. Theresa Point still works with the other 3 communities through the Island Lake Tribal Council on common interests. The administration section is dealt with in the profile section that deals with governance, finance, economic sectors and programs. 

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