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Economic Development


Program Description:

The economic Development Program receives its funding from AANDC.

Its mandate is to actively pursue opportunities for the First Nations and

Members of St Theresa Point First Nation to stimulate economic growth

and create independence.  

  • Funded in two parts, service delivery and business development                                                                                contributions.

  • The program assists clients in developing business plans and proposals,                                                                                 resource management proposals.

  • Service Delivery Staff consists of:            

 1 -- Director

 1 – Finance Comptroller

 1 – Business development Officer

 1 – Receptionist


  • There are Monies/grants available for local Business Development assistance for the members of St Theresa Point.

  • The Economic Development Program  is in the process of developing new strategies to address the small local business needs and would like to assist the clients succeed in their venture.

  • Program is also looking at developing roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors.

  • Once Board is in place, process will begin to develop policies and guidelines for First Nations owned businesses.


Service Delivery Staff:
  • Janet Wood – Director/Business Development Officer

(204) 462-2106 ext.255


  •  – Finance Comptroller

(204) 462-2106 ext 236​


  •  – Reception/secretary

(204) 462-2106 ext. 260


Councillor with Port Folio - Councillor 


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