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Education Authority


St. Theresa Point First Nation is a fly-in community located approximately 650km northeast of the city of Winnipeg. 

The community is located on the western side of Island Lake and has a population of 4000 people. We have a modern newly built high school and elementary school. The local people speak dialect of ojicree and have a very strong Catholic tradition. 

St. Theresa Point Education Authority 

Enrollment: 1400

No. of School: 1


  1. St. Theresa Point First Nation Early Years School

  2. St. Theresa Point First Nation Middle Years School

  3. St. Theresa Point First Nation High School


The St. Theresa Point First Nation Education Authority directs the school to adhere to the following standards:
  1. An emphasis of student learning and effective teaching;

  2. A high level of expectation for student achievement and personal growth;

  3. Teacher involvement in decision-making and school operations;

  4. Participation and involvement on the part of students and parents in school life; 

  5. Effective communication of learning outcomes with parents; 

  6. Orderly and pleasant learning environment;

  7. Evidence of strong leadership on the part of staff/parents/students;

  8. Meaningful recognition and positive reinforcement.


Special School Program:

St. Theresa Point First Nation Education Authority recognizes that the regular school program as defined by the Manitoba Department of Education may not be academically suitable for all students. The education authority believes that all students should receive a program on instruction that is suitable to their abilities and as such endorses the development of Special School Programs for those students not able to succeed within the regular program.


Native Language Instruction:

We believe that the retention of the First Nation language is crucial to the restoration/preservation of the culture, heritage and pride of St. Theresa community and people. The Education Authority therefore requires that all students be provided with regular instruction in Island Lakes Dialect. 



We believe that the teaching of religion and principles of Christianity in the school should be consistent with the values and expectations of the St. Theresa point community and the Roman Catholic Church. 

St. Theresa Point Student Services Program:

Student Services assist and enhance the academic, social and emotional development of all students attending school. We believe that the Student Services Program must accommodate the needs of the St. Theresa Point Students attending school in the community as well as those required to leave the community for educational purposes. 


Bus Transportation:

Education Authority provides transportation to and from school for the purpose of regular instruction and special activities assists in ensuring better attendance and the general safety and well-being of students. We provide transportation services to students in regular attendance who reside one-half kilometer or more from the school. All Nursery and Kindergarten students are provided transportation. 

Program Contact Personnel Information



Director of Education- Freddie Wood

High School

Principal- Ian McDougall

Guidance Counsellor- Debra Bone

Receptionist- Rayanne Monias

Middle Years

Principal- Patricia Harper


Guidance Counsellor- Harriet Manoakeesick

Receptionist- Cheryl Monias

Early Years

Principal- Lyle Wood


Guidance Counsellor- Rosalie Harper


Head Bus Driver- Ricky Walker

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