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Chief David P. McDougall


A member of St Theresa Point, one of the four First Nations of ILTC located with Island Lake Tribal Council ancestral territories in Manitoba. Educated and firmly rooted in traditional lifestyles of his people.


His formal education comprises of Primary and Secondary education in St Theresa Point and in Winnipeg, graduated from Gordon Bell High School. He received his Post-secondary education at Brandon University, graduating with a Bachelor of General Studies degree and subsequently earned a certificate in Education within the Province of Manitoba.


His previous employment history includes: Classroom Teacher, School Administrator, Band Councillor, working with MKO and FAI Education table, Island Lake Tribal Council in the development and planning of the medical receiving home, AMC First Nation Inter-Governmental Health Council Project Coordinator, AMC - ICMFNH Health Policy Analyst/Researcher and most recently at MFNERC as PHP Specialist.


Recently commenced current term as Chief of St Theresa Point First Nation for the fourth (4) occasion during the period 2002 to present, during which times he served on various chief’s committees including Chief’s Task Force on Health, Diabetes Integrated Project Board Member, MFNERC Board Member, Neewin Health Ex-officio Board Member, ILTC Board Chairman, as well as being a member of both MKO and AMC Chiefs Executive Councils.


As one of his life-long passions, he continues to work to improve First Nation situations.

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